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Anti-age serum

We cannot stop the Earth from spinning around the Sun. With years passing by our skin starts to show challenges that are written in stars. Therefore we created this new year’s surprise – Anti-age serum 13.

Combining intuition and knowledge, we have carefully chosen and blended 13 organic, all-natural nourishing oils, modern CO2 extracts and colourful berry fruit oils with fragrant flower essential oils for a face that blossoms with beauty. This unique, luxurious golden nectar is a rich superfood for the skin with a high potency of natural A+C+E vitamins, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. It among others contains argan oil, rosehip, sea buckthorn and pomengranate CO2 extracts, immortelle or rose flower essential oils and ancient essential oil such as sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense. This easily absorbable serum is softening and nourishing to the skin, restoring the youthful glow of your face. Be it a Rose or Immortelle your skin will be happy to drink it up every day. Golden nectar will make your skin look healthy and radiant with every year.

So let it be happy and infinite 2018!

We recommend you to watch the Klepet ob kavi show on TV3 where we explained the effect of various special oils on the skin.

We were talking about the power of essential oils

In this episode of the Klepet ob kavi show on TV3 we revealed the power of essential oils. Essential oils are extracted by steam destillation of different parts of plants. Essential oils are actually the very essence of medicinal herbs. Therefore we shouldn’t be surprised that some pills are actually patented synthetic counterfeit of the natural essential oil. So is the very known pill, which has been used for the last thirty years as a universal solution for the headache and other pain. Nature has given us everything we need for living for thousands of years. We just need to search through the archives of our ancestors and learn the forgotten wisdom. We’ve listened to the call of nature and broadened our minds about the power of essential oils – from now on Amon has become a certified essential oil coach.

For all who would like to save some money and are eager to use our products – we created an OUTLET page for products before expiry date which are 40% off.  You may just find your favourite product right there!

New sugar pilings

Trees are unstoppably throwing leafs from their canopies dressing into new autumn clothes. Meanwhile we can indulge ourselves to throw away the old layer of our skin to become lighter beings. Let our new sugar pilings (Lavender, Citrus, Coconut) help you. For a sweet autumn.

Yes, we have vegan deodorant!

We’ve created the VEGAN version of our the most desirable deodorant. We playfully named it Deovegant Citrusi. It contains carnauba herbal wax and not beeswax. But in all other non vegan deodorants we now use Slovenian ahimsa organic beeswax. What does ahimsa mean? This is a sanskrit word meaning non-violence. Bees that have made this wax are eating their own honey during winter which is extremely rare. Usually they are fed with white sugar – we all know why, right? This happy bees have home at conscious beekeeper which happens to be our friend. They are very healthy without toxic chemicals such as amitraz which is consequently also found in bees products. 

We were talking about oral care and organic toothpaste is again available in tubes

The autumn is slowly coming. This is the time to start new projects. Whether starting a business or starting with new studies, we are forced to restart our brain again after a sleepy summer. You may be wondering what does it have to do with oral care. Have a look at the Klepet ob kavi show on the TV3 channel, where we explained the impact of conventional toothpaste with flour on our brain.
And a good news for all lovers of our organic toothpaste who are eagerly waiting. Especially for the young ones who are running every evening to the bathroom and arguing who will be the first to get the mandarin dessert on the toothbrush:) The Peppermint, Tea Tree and Mandarin organic toothpaste are again available in 100ml tubes after summer vacation!

Summer vacation till 4th September

We also need a break time o time. All orders between 23th August (Wednesday) and 4th September (Monday) will be sent to you after 4th September. If you need our products earlier please find it in nearby shops.

We were talking about deodorant and soaps

We were guests in reality talk show Klepet ob kavi on the TV3 channel. The show is about ancient wisdom and modern solutions for a healthy life. This time we talked with Jasmina about healthy alternative for deodorants and about different uses of hard soaps. We expalained how to smell nice without stopping natural function of sweating and why natural hard soaps do not dry out skin, althouth we think they do. We highly recommend a view!

With Rainbow warriors

We visited Rainbow warriors camp for kids with ADHD syndrome near river Krka. Kids were putting on their skin lots of sun screen during the day and lots of herbal oil for evening and night protection which we provided for a pleasant vacation. Together we made colorful facial clay masks and applied them on mentors faces. But soon masks uncontrollably covered entire bodies and even the whole camp! We then read the future from facial masks. And what do they say for kids? Their sincere ways are the ways of the sun, which doesn’t what to deform its light due to thunder clouds. That is the reason for many lightning. But sun is always on the sky although we do not see it.

We were talking about sun screen

We were guests in reality talk show Klepet ob kavi on the TV3 channel. The show is about ancient wisdom and modern solutions for a healthy life. In a friendly and warm atmosphere we talked with Jasmina about the dangers and essentials of sun for our health. We also learned about UVA and UVB radiation, as well as vitamin D, after sun care and much more. We highly recommend a view!

What do dolphins say?

What do dolphins say about our organic sunscreens? Watch the video and don’t forget; Sun is always in the Sky, although we do not see it!
Read the instructions before using organic sunscreen.