Daily Archives: 16. 12. 2018

Coupon for 15% DISCOUNT in white december

More than black fridays we like white december. Ang since we have snow we have one reason more to colour these holidays with 15% DISCOUNT!
For discound activation write the coupon code in the basket: BELI DECEMBER. The coupon is valid till the end of the year, form 16 December to 31 December 2018.

If you buy our product in web shop we will surprise you with an illustrated inspirational card. Products bought in other shops in Slovenia will be waiting for you in an illustrated gift paper bags.

New Products for a New Year

This time we created lots of new products which lighten the darkest time of the year.

The scent of mandarin, cinnamon and spruce in a Christmas Air Freshener will create pleasantly, fragrant and holiday homeliness. At your wish we’ve made handy MINI Deodorants for every pocket – literally and in figurative sense. MINI Deodorants are loyal everyday partner in your bag or excellent travel companion. They can also be a warm present for your friends.

We’ve add an indispensable Immortelle balm to a wide range of our products and Immortelle Face Tonic for a youthful glow of your face.

Since you like sensual seducing Floral fragrance so much we created a collection of Floral products: Floral Deodorant, Floral Air Freshener, Floral Soap and Floral Lipbalm.

Let it pleasantly smell into the cold new year’s days!