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Orangutan has also visited Bohinj and Kočevje

He was happy to be replaced on the simple soap’s labels by the Bohinj’s cow and Kočevje’s bear and bee. Cows from Bohinj region are famous for the tasty Bohinj’s cheese while bears and bees from Kočevje are one of the rarest animals that can still live in the remains of the virgin forest. Can be found only in the shops of tourist center Bohinj and Kočevje.

What happens when orangutan visits the Postojna Cave?

While an orangutan went to the cold shade of Postojna Cave to admire one of the biggest and the most beautiful brilliant in the world he transformed himself into a baby Dragon!
That’s why you can see a proteus (aquatic salamander endemic to Dinaric Alps) on a special edition of Simple soap labels which can be found only in the shops of Postojna Cave Park.

Why does rose stimulate sexuality?

Roses are blooming although it is raining all the time. We will unfortunately have to wait to smell its magical fragrance in the nature. Meanwhile you can watch the Klepet ob kavi TV show Klepet ob kavi, where we spoke about the power of roses.

Why is the rose so special and prestige and why we call it the queen of flowers? Why do men like to give roses to women as a symbol of love? How does it effect hormons and yoni and why do we say it is aphrodisiac? How does it heal heart wounds, what is the symbolic meaning of its thorns and how do we prepare potion for the opening of the heart, skin care and energetic protection?

Rose for Mother’s Day -10%

To give birth to a child is a big initiation for a woman if she is able to surrender to this experience. A rose, the queen among flowers, is one of rare plants that
explicitly describes the motherly nature of a woman.

If a Woman transforming into a Mother is about to accept new life inside her body she first has to blossoming open her womb and its magical ability of creation. In the time of delivery a woman has to blossom like a rose to safely give birth to a new being. After birth she has to open her heart like a flower to hug and nourish helpless baby. But rose must have thorns too even thou it seems strange at the first sight. With her thorns the woman protects the child and the hole family egg.

The rose therefore teaches us how to be loving, soft, beautiful, fragrant. It teaches us how to trust and surrender to life and setting limits around us at the same time.

We realy love roses therefore every rose product are 10% off for the Mother’s Day. Discount is valid till the end of 25 March 2019.

-10% is for: Anti-age serum 13 Rose, Face Tonic Rose, Rose Balm, Rose Perfume and ERose Essential Oil.

Because all women are roses, blossoming one way or another, and because men like to give roses to women this discount applies to women, mothers and men:)

Welcoming the new spring with -10% discount for essential oils

Easter is a holiday which by old pagan custom brings spring atmosphere into our homes. It announces blossoming of the nature and beginning of a new life cycle. Let’s enter into this new era with concentrated essences of Mother Nature and afford worshiping Her with 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% pure essential oils which are 10% off till the end of this Monday (15 April 2019).

And we have something new for you – ultrasonic glass difusor with a lamp for diffusing essential oils into the room. Very useful for everyday aromatherapy. It is of French origin, white color and has minimalistic oval shape. What a coincidence! It suit on the Easter table as good as eggs or even better while it changes its colors:)

NEW! 100% Natural 100% Organic 100% Pure Amon & Anis Essential Oils

Finally we have it:) Organic Amon & Anis essential oils!

It was not easy to start selling our own essential oils brand in Slovenia at all to be honest. It was even harder than we thought! But you were asking us for such a long time that we did our best in the last months.

So now we can offer high quality Amon & Anis essential oils for all of you who really care about the quality. Our essential oils are:
• 100% NATURAL,
• 100% ORGANIC (ECO, BIO),
• 100% PURE,
• VEGAN in animal friendly.

The top quality of our essential oils is confirmed by the actual certificates issued by independent certification organizations responsible for company supervision. You can find these certificates on our website. We know that brilliant slogans, names and popularity are not necessarily evidence for a quality.

Besides essential oils we also created AROMA PROTECTION SET 8, a selection of eight of the most indispensable natural and organic essential oils for personal and home use. A useful everyday accessory for modern men and women who strive to reconnect with mother Earth. At first glance nothing more than a charming aroma trapped in a small bottle, but in reality also a very powerful tool that can be used to contribute to the overall harmonisation of the body, emotions and mind. An educational booklet about plants and essential oils is included in the luxurious box as well.

Enter the world of magnificient natural scents with organic essential oils, which will not only help you relax or cheer you up, but will most likely amaze you! As they have amazed us in the last years:)