New Amon & Anis products for New Year 2020

We have surprised you with some new Amon & Anis products for the New Year 2020. You can find our products in our web shop and in some of the shops which are selling our products.


Toothpaste is among our products since the beginning. Actually, everything started with a toothpaste while Amon was desperately searching for a good quality toothpaste in the shops. Since he didn’t find it, he was somehow forced to make it for himself.

But making a perfect toothpaste is not as easy as you might think. You said it has a good taste and has enough foam but it is too liquid. We really appreciated your suggestions, therefore we started mixing better ones. And it took us many years!

So here we have it, better toothpaste with thick consistency and triple mineral action.

It does not contain fluoride, artificial foaming agents and other chemicals, but still excellently cleans the teeth. Effective low foaming formula with triple mineral action is non-abrasive to teeth enamel. Toothpaste has a thick consistency. Enjoy our 100% natural toothpaste with the highest percentage of organic ingredients in the world of toothpaste! Without synthetic chemicals or GMO.

Fresh Peppermint and Fruity Mandarin have the same taste as before. Tea Tree toothpaste has added cardamom essential oil for a good taste.


We strive to zero waste principle, therefore we’ve been using only cardboard and paper for sending our packaging for the last half of a year. Likewise, we use glass jars and bottles for almost all of our packaging.   To Toothpaste plastic tubes we will add glass packaging in the near future.

The Mouthwash concentrate in Miron glass bottle follows the same idea. Effective complement to daily oral hygiene with organic essential oils. Many drops with less packaging for a pleasant fresh breath and a beautiful smile. Convenient travel pack. Measuring biodegradable dose included.

NEW TEA TREE DEODORANT (sensitive skin)

We’ve promised a new deodorant which will take place of the vanilla, which we are no longer producing.

New Tea tree deodorant (sensitive skin) with gentle formula with less sodium bicarbonate is designed for sensitive, red and itchy prone skin. With added Tea Tree essential oil for sensitive skin care.

The natural deodorant is very efficient, although being completely natural and does not contain any synthetic chemicals. It prevents bad odor, but does not stop the elimination of sweat from the pores of the skin, while nourishing it. This compact deodorant is applied on the skin in the same way as cream.


All new Amon & Anis balms are from now on packed in a smaller 58 ml packaging, since a little goes a long way. The packaging is still in glass jars, but with a new appearance. And since our creativity plays a big role in our life we added some extra ingredients to it such as seabuckthorn, pomegranate, rose hip, jojoba and argan.

You can choose:

Lavender (with seabuckthorn)
Citrus (with pomegranate)

Tea Tree (with seabuckthorn)
Thyme (with seabuckthorn)

Vanilla (with jojoba, argan & rosehip)
Rose (with jojoba, argan & rosehip)
Immortelle (with jojoba, argan & rosehip)

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