New Products for a New Year

This time we created lots of new products which lighten the darkest time of the year.

The scent of mandarin, cinnamon and spruce in a Christmas Air Freshener will create pleasantly, fragrant and holiday homeliness. At your wish we’ve made handy MINI Deodorants for every pocket – literally and in figurative sense. MINI Deodorants are loyal everyday partner in your bag or excellent travel companion. They can also be a warm present for your friends.

We’ve add an indispensable Immortelle balm to a wide range of our products and Immortelle Face Tonic for a youthful glow of your face.

Since you like sensual seducing Floral fragrance so much we created a collection of Floral products: Floral Deodorant, Floral Air Freshener, Floral Soap and Floral Lipbalm.

Let it pleasantly smell into the cold new year’s days!

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