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Organic Forest hair soap is handmade from natural and organic ingredients. This soap, which is used for hair washing, is made unlike other soaps from five different nourishing oils. Jojoba oil has similar molecular structure to the scalp’s natural oil (sebum),  while castor oil allows easier foaming and cleansing of hair. Hair soap acts as a natural balsam, making hair stronger and encouraging their growth. Pine,  eucalyptus and sea pine essential oils are added for a pleasant, fresh aroma, while green clay is added for colour.

Most shampoos contain detergents, which excessively cleanse and dry out the scalp and consequently makes the hair greasier faster. After frequent use of hair soap the hair scalp becomes less greasy and closer to its natural state, also it is not neccessary to wash the hair as often as before.

Thoroughly rub the soap into wet hair and wash with plenty of water. Repeat the procedure many times if neccessary.

Handmade by Amon & hand illustrated by Anis in Slovenia.
Certified by IKC UM. Animal friendly. Vegan.

INGREDIENTS: palm oil*, water, coconut oil*, castor oil*, shea butter*, jojoba oil*, green clay, pine essential oil*, eucalyptus essential oil*, sea pine essential oil*

INCI: Saponificated fat (Elaeis guineensis fruit oil*, Cocos nucifera nut oil*, Ricinus communis oil*, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, Azadirachta indica oil*), Glycerin***, Kaolin, Eucalyptus globulus oil*, Pinus sylvestris needle oil*, Pinus Pinaster oil*, Limonene** *from certified organic agriculture **essential oil component ***we saponify fat with NaOH, glycerin is produced in the natural process of saponification

Organic Hair Soap Forest is certified by IKC UM, Peta Cruelty Free and Vegan and The Vegan Society.

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