Yoga Mat Freshener -40%

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Organic Yoga Mat Freshener is handmade from natural and organic ingredients. It contains essential oils and soap for a good cleaning of your yoga mat. Essential oils are made by steam distillation of plants and are used in aromatherapy.

Shake well, spray onto the surface of the mat and scrub with a damp cloth. Air dry before rolling up the mat.

Handmade by Amon & hand illustrated by Anis in Slovenia.
Animal friendly. Vegan.
Product is packed in glass.

INGREDIENTS: water, lemongrass essential oil*, tea tree essential oil*, cinnamon essential oil*, umiljene maščobe (sončnično olje*, kokosovo olje*), glicerin***

INCI: Aqua, Cymbopogon citratus leaf oil *, Melaleuca alternafolia oil*, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum oil*, Saponificated fat (Helianthus annus oil*, Cocos nucifera nut oil*), Glycerin*** *from certified organic agriculture ***we saponify fat with NaOH, glycerin is produced in the natural process of saponification

Organic Yoga Mat Freshener is certified by Peta Cruelty Free and Vegan in The Vegan Society.

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