a passionate producer of organic cosmetics,
who likes Funcionality
and is in love with Life.


a passionate creator of images,
who likes Beauty
and is in love with Nature.

Amon started producing natural cosmetics for his own needs, because despite promises from producers he could not find certified products which were consistently organic. By the way of providence he met Anis and thereon – from a home experiment, developed a brand of mutual cooperation – Amon & Anis. We hold on to the „less is more“ principle and follow the logic of the natural man. That’s why the recipes are simple, but effective.
We wish that quality organic cosmetics is useful for personal care of women, children, as well as men and that the abundance of the Earth’s garden is affordable to all.


The invisible link
Through frames i cannot see,
I have no boundaries

childish romance are my acts,
one time at each my footstep sets,
slightest movement is a wind,
blowing up all suffering,
this fragile world is beautiful,
existance at it’s full.
…Colours are so bright,
through my tears I praise the rainbow,
gilded with sunlight,
…you, me, oak tree and eternity.


Amon, 2008