We gain Vegan certificate and you are invited to Vegafest

The Vegan Society has given us the Vegan certificate for our vegan organic cosmetics products. After two months of intensive research about the origin of ingredients we use in our vegan products, we can finally apply the Sunflower Vegan logotype on the labels. So, from now on we are verified vegan also for those vegans who reject the use of the beeswax (which is the only animal ingredient we use in our cosmetics).

However, The Vegan logo does not only mean that the product does’t contain ingredients of animal origin. It also ensures that the product is not tested on animals. Moreover, each ingredient in the product is not tested on animals and in the process of obtaining the raw materials no animal was exploited. We already know how inhumane palm fat farming is because of deforestation and orangutan killing. But the fact that monkeys are forced to pick coconuts for coconut oil was something new to us too. Well, coconuts for our coconut oil does not exploit monkeys – certified.

For the end let us invite you to the biggest vegan festival in Slovenia – Vegafest, which will be held on Saturday, May 6 at Pogačarjev market in Ljubljana. You could try Amon & Anis products at our market stand. And some products will surprise those who will attend vegan tombola.