We have gained organic certification by IKC UM Maribor

We have gained organic certification for all of our products by IKC Institute for control and certification UM (IKC UM Maribor) with the exception of air fresheners, which cannot be certified, as they are not declared as cosmetic products (they are still produced from organic ingredients, which we use for our other products). Certificate on the labels is indicated by „ekološka kozmetika“ (which means organic cosmetics) logotype. So far it is not translated into English.

„Consistent with the requirements of the standard, the certified organic cosmetic products contain at least 95% natural ingredients, from which at least 95% of ingredients of agricultural origin has to be derived from certified organic agriculture (Council Regulation (ES) nr. 834/2007 or other comparable standards) and no more than 5% of ingredients of synthetic origin, and these are limited and regulated by the standard. Also, with this standard a minimal share of organic ingredients in the final cosmetic product is prescribed.“

We happily announce, that we surpass these criteria, because our cosmetics is 100% natural and at least 98% organic.